Saturday, 18 November 2017

salt dough decorations

Recently I've made some salt dough decorations for parents to take home.
Here they are:

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Woodland, forest friends small-world model

This is one of my outdoor ideas for children. It meant to be Teddy Bears Picnic small world, but it turned into forest and woodland. It's filled with leaves, forest plastic animals, conkers, wood pieces, little stones, etc. They had so much much! 

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Three little pigs song

Not every child will sit down and listen to the story. Well, or at least till its end. This is ehat I experienced when working in toodlers room. What we have in my setting is 'The book of the months. It happened to be 'three little pigs story. I found a different way of introducing my tinnies to that story through... Song! They absolutely loved it!
They enjoy joining in with actions ('knocking'), words and they listen with more attention than when I read a story from the book. What is more, I made 3 little pigs on ice lolly sticks and wolf.

This is the song I sang:

Song about colours

Me and my tinnies have been learning about colours now. I thought I would share with you a song I taught and sang with the children. For this I also made different coloured circles out of paper sticked to the ice lolly wooden sticks. I found it really handy and it helps children to memorize colours.

Tissue paper painting

Little tinnies in my nursery had so much fun with tissue paper 'bleeding'. All you need is different colours of tissue paper cut into small pieces, white paper sheet and some water with paint brush. I used some preprinted butterfly shapes, so children could fill it up with different colours. First, I invited children to spread water with paintbrush all over the butterfly print.
Secondly,I told them to pick pieces of tissues paper and stick into the wet paper. This is when the 'magic'began. Coloured tissue pieces started 'bleeding'and leave marks on the paper. It is important to make sure that child's clothing is protected with e.g. apron and that there is something under the paper children use for sticking.
Once the butterfly was cover in tissue paper pieces, we hanged the worksheets to dry. After a while, we peeled dried tissue paper pieces and looked at the 'painted' butterfly.
Links to EYFS:
Expressive Arts and Design
Exploring and using media and materials (22-36 months)
- Notices and is interested in the effects of making movements which leave marks (16-26 months)
- Experiments with blocks, colours and marks.
Physical Development
Moving and Handling
-Makes connections between their movement and marks they make (16-26 months)
-Shows control in holding and using jugs to pour, hammers, books and mark-making tools (22-36 months)
Personal, Social, Emotional Development
Managing feelings and behaviour
-Begins to learn that some things are theirs, some things are shared, and some things belong to other people (16-26 months)
Communication and Language
-Understands simple sentences (16-26 months)